Model Spotlight: Vincentia_x

Playful babe Vincentia_x is absolutely magnificent! Smiling, cute and totally depraved at the same time, she loves viewers’ attention! This girl’s dances are captivating and she willingly makes her audience happy by showing them a fiery striptease. Talking to her is a mere pleasure because the beauty is not only extremely tempting, but also has an interesting personality! Read our interview with Vincentia_x and learn about her funniest childhood memory and find out what she’d never agree to do in bed!



Do you believe that psychic abilities exist? Which one would you like to have?
– I would say that I rather believe in inner force and energy. Being able to cope with any difficulties in your life is a true superpower. I’d love to have more self-command.

If Mars was livable, would you buy a one-way ticket there?
– One thing I can tell for sure – once I’m done with a world tour on Earth, I’ll definitely consider Mars. I don’t care if I will have a return ticket or not. I’d love to explore the Universe!


Which school subject is the most useless, in your opinion?
– For me, all school subjects were useful. In my school there were no useless classes. There were difficult lessons like Maths or Chemistry, but they all came in handy.

In your opinion, what does it mean to be good in bed?
– The main thing is understanding the needs of each other. Harmony between people creates positive and pleasant feelings.


Tell about your funniest childhood memory.
– When I was little, I stole my mother’s mascara and applied it on my lashes. Suddenly, I hear my mother heading to the room. I quickly put the mascara away, but had no idea what to do with my lashes. So I took the scissors and carefully cut them off.

What skill or knowledge would you like to master?
– At the moment, I constantly study, so I acquire new knowledge and skills every day. My closest objective is a perfect command of English. But generally, of course, I’d like to know everything. I will strive for it.


Is there anything you will never agree to do in bed?
– Each person has their boundaries – I would never accept a third person in bed.

If you could have a chat with any fictional character, who would you chose and why?
– I like Chuck Palahniuk’s characters. I’d love to have a chat with the main character of the “Survivor” – Tender Branson. He is very weird, thinks differently, lives the way he wants and does crazy things. I would perceive him as a great mentor.


If you could go back in time and change something in your life, what would that be?
– If I could come back to the past, then as a teenager I would listen to my mother’s advice.

What’s the weirdest thing that turns you on?
– It turns me on when the person I love bites my nose. I guess it’s very weird.

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