Model Spotlight: RrredCat

Hot beauty RrredCat has a fiery temperament and a fantastic charisma. Vibrant, reckless and uninhibited – this girl relishes her sexuality and gets real pleasure from being observed! Get to know this passionate baby better! Read our interview with magnificent RrredCat and find out if she believes in friendship between man and woman, and what special memories she has about kindergarten?



– Which three qualities do you consider the most important for your partner to have?
– Intelligence, masculinity and respect for his promises.

– Tell us about your first kiss.
– Very interesting question. I was around 14 or 15, and it was in a summer camp. It all happened unexpectedly: the dancing party was over, it was raining and we went to the gazebo. It felt so romantic back then, now I think about it with a smile.


– What was the most unusual place where you had sex?
– Feel bad saying that, but it was a kindergarten 🙂

– Do you believe in friendship between man and woman? Or someone will eventually want something more?
– If both have partners, then, of course, they can be friends. Otherwise, sooner or later, one of them might start wishing for more.


– What would you do if you didn’t have to earn money?
– I would work for charitable institutions, give money for children and animals’ needs. Probably, would continue singing and playing music. I’d been doing that for 13 years – it would be stupid to drop it if I had so much time.

– You should try everything at least once in your life. Do you agree? Or believe there are limitations?
– Difficult question. I think so, if we are not talking about drugs, then, of course. Any activity that brings something good to your life and makes you happy, should be tried out 🙂


– Tell about the bravest thing you ever did.
– When I was 18, we had a prom, and I wrote a song for my mother. Public performances have always scared me to death. I’ve been playing on stage for several years, but I was extremely afraid of singing in front of the audience. Yet, I wanted to make my beloved person happy, so I went against my fear and sang the song. For me, it was a real achievement.

– How do you take criticism?
– I think, criticism is useful, but it should be constructive. If people rationalize their opinion, I do value such feedback. I’m totally fine with someone else’s advice or remarks. I might even take them into account.


– Do you believe in ghosts?
– I do believe that there is something else in this world.

– What do you prefer doing in your free time?
– I prefer listening to the music – mainly Evanescence – watching movies, different YouTube channels and sometimes I play games.


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