Model Spotlight: roselynax

Have you met dazzling roselynax? Magnetic eyes, charming smile, sexy body… It’s all about this adorable model. Read the interview with roselynax and share your comments.



– What are the benefits of being a cam model?
– I believe the main advantage is having good earnings, which totally depends on me.
And also the work time, I can work any time of the day. Unlike other work, it’s a pleasant and fun job.

– How would you describe yourself for new viewers?
– I’m cheerful, sociable, sexy, love to laugh and tell jokes. With no doubt, you will enjoy time spent with me.

– What do you usually do before going online?
– Before coming online, I put on make-up and do my hair first of all.
I get my mood on by turning on the music.


– Do you sleep in pajamas, underwear or nothing at all?
– My body should rest while I’m sleeping, that’s why I don’t wear anything at all!

– What’s your favorite way to seduce the users?
– I attract them with my eyes. At least that’s what my users say and now I use that constantly to seduce them.


– Would you rather: Hear dirty talk in an accent you hate while having sex? Or have sex in complete silence? Why?
– I do not like dirty conversations, so I prefer silence, but I would rather turn on the music. Why? Because sex should bring pleasure, not stress me out.

– What’s your most successful show?
– Let me think about it, hm, I bet all my shows ended well so I can’t choose the most successful one. I had a show once with more than 3000 viewers. It was very sexual and erotic and they loved it so much, that we spent even more time discussing it afterward. The funny thing is that I still receive requests to repeat the show.


– What’s the dirtiest thought you’ve ever had about one of the users?
– There is one user who is coming and coming back to my room every single day with the same request. For more than a year now he is asking me to order a pizza and play with it. I can’t even imagine how and refuse.

– The best gift you got from your admirers.
– I love gifts very much! The best gift I have ever received was a 17000 token-tip from a user who just asked me to smile, even though I was already smiling like crazy.

– What are your goals for 2018?
– That’s easy. I have many goals for the coming year, but the most important one is, of course, to please and entertain my fans with unforgettable shows.


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