Model Spotlight: Ortina

Ortina is one of those girls who always looks elegant and beautiful, even when she’s doing X-rated stuff! She admits that her favorite place to be is in front of the camera with her clothes off – and she doesn’t feel shame about it at all! 😉
Read the interview with this beauty – learn some interesting facts about your favorite camgirl right now.



– What’s your best personality trait?
– I can’t point out just one 🙂 Optimistic, goal-oriented, curious.

– What do you usually do to attract a man’s attention?
– Seems like I’m lucky – men give me their attention instead 🙂 My smile is my greatest weapon!


– Describe your ordinary day.
– It’s the most typical when I spend my day online on BongaCams. This is a large part of my life! Work out three times a week, shower, sleep. I allow myself to rest only during travel.

– What’s your favorite way of pleasuring yourself?
– My favorite way is to use my sensual and gentle fingers! Orgasm guaranteed!

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– Do you believe in fate?
– Do I believe in fate? Probably not, I’m not a fatalist. The most important thing is to be responsible for your own life.

– If you won a lottery, what would you do with the money?
– The best investment you can make is to invest in yourself 🙂 But I would surely hire a good financier who would recommend me a profitable option 🙂

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– Tell us about the maddest thing you’ve done in bed.
– I’m generally crazy in bed 🙂

– What skill would you like to master and why?
– Programming 🙂 In our hi-tech era it’s very useful. Also, I want to influence people!

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– How far can you go on the first day?
– I can go very far, but it depends on the person. Sometimes there are unbelievable emotions and feelings, so it doesn’t matter anymore whether it’s a first or tenth date. Unfortunately, exceptional men like that are rare.

– What do you feel during an orgasm?
– I feel the excitement that makes me shiver, then it becomes very hot, and I want to scream (which I do most of the time). You feel as if everything moves aside. For a moment things seem unreal and incredibly pleasant.

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