Model Spotlight: Hustlerstar

A slender figure, perfect butt, amazing breasts complete with beautiful blonde hair and a cute face. The end result is a gorgeous girl who naturally works well on camera and is capable of making some smoking hot shows! Hustlerstar is a cute babydoll who knows how to get dirty and what guys expect from her. This cutie can seduce you with her looks and make sure that you are totally being hypnotized by her character. Read the interview with Hustlerstar and prepare yourself for some amazing facts!

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– Are you a morning or a night person?
– I’m more of a night person. At the moment I’m trying to fix my schedule so I can get enough sleep to feel healthy and rested.

– Is there a place where you feel like yourself?
– I always feel comfortable everywhere. I think it’s better to keep these feelings inside ourselves regardless of the location and situation.

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– What type of music are you into?
– I like different types of music depending on my mood. I listen to pop and classical music, deep house, and chill lounge. But the music I listen to and dance to is different.

– Have you ever fulfilled your erotic fantasy?
– I never had a specific erotic fantasy because I do whatever I want. I don’t harbor any unrealizable wishes or desires.

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– What makes you wet without fail?
– I get excited by the situations, moments, and my lover. Arousal is born in your mind and not just your body. By the way, tips also make me wet 😉

– Have you ever been caught having sex?
– No, never. I love comfort, so I usually have sex in my bedroom on a big bed. Sex is a matter of two, so outsiders are not welcome.

– What would you do first if you became a man for one day?
– If I became a man for one day, I would try having sex first. I always wondered how it feels for them.

– Do you like watching porn?
– Yes, I sometimes like watching porn when I am in the right mood. However, I cannot call myself a fan.

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– Is there any person in the world you wish you could have sex with?
– I am impressed by the character Gannicus from the Spartacus series. I could have sex with him in my fantasy, I guess.

– What’s your favorite part on a man’s body?
– I appreciate the general image, so there is no specific part of a man’s body that I like. But a sexy sporty man’s body can make me wet and horny.

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