Model Spotlight: HaileyRose

She will energize you, make you smile and, of course, arouse you – meet HaileyRose, the stunning blonde hottie who is always full of positive vibes. She looks like she came out of a magazine cover – her amazingly sexy body is flawlessly fit and there is always confident, inviting look in her beautiful eyes. Happy and active, HaileyRose wants to tell you the most interesting, naughty and funny stories from her life. Read an interview with her and leave your thoughts in the comments!



– Tell us about the most exciting moment you had on BongaCams.
– The most exciting and interesting moment on BongaCams happened when I first met a doctor in the private session. He told me the story of his life and the fact that finding out about BongaCams is the best thing that happened to him and how it made his life so much sweeter. It was awesome knowing that he is a doctor!

– What’s your favorite piece of clothing you own / owned?
– Right now my favorite is a pair of panties and a pair of long socks which are so soft it makes me go crazy when I touch them! 🙂 And in the past, I had a leather outfit that was making me feel like I’m a warrior queen!

– Who’s your go-to band or artist when you can’t decide on something to listen to?
– Hurts is the best band to put me in a good mood, to make me dream and enjoy everything around me.

– Have you ever had a naughty dream about one of your users?
– I did have such a dream! Are you sure you want to know? 😀 I was dreaming once that one of my favorite members met me suddenly on the street and we were going to a coffee shop together…we started to talk and got to know each other better. He was driving me home and on our way home I stopped by a store and there was a glass elevator…and you can imagine the rest.

– What do you do in your free time?
– Some of the things I like to do in my free time is reading, shopping, relaxing in a hot bath with bubbles, and sex, of course! 😀

– How would you respond if a couple approached you to be their “third”?
– I would say yes for such a challenge for sure, but it will always depend on a few things: I would like to know those people better and to have a good relaxing place where this could happen.


– What inspires you to make a great show?
– The man I am with in the private session, the way we connect, his open webcam, his reaction when I am doing something he likes.

– What do you think is the sexiest part of your body?
– I have a few parts of my body that I think are the best – eyes, mouth, hair and boobs. But I think you should have a sexy attitude and know how to explore it, and then you will be the sexiest girl ever!


– Do you think some members have a little crush on you right now?
– Yes, I think some of the guys love me for who I am and I love them too! I have met great men around here, but it’s still a challenging topic for me!

– What do you like about your users?
– They somehow always make me feel special and brighten my mood. They’re always up for some great fun!


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