Model Spotlight: fieryHelen

Funny and enchanting, fieryHelen can infatuate any man; and yet, she takes sex very seriously! The girl is absolutely adorable, easy-going and mesmerizes her audience by unbelievable charm and sincerity. Read our interview with lovely fieryHelen and find out what she thinks about no-strings-attached sex and why she would like to travel back in time!


– What music pumps you up for work?
– Music can either relax you or tone you up. Everything depends on the mood: sometimes I listen to calm and quiet music, sometimes it’s something cheerful and dynamic. The only rule – you should enjoy it.

– Would you like to travel back in time to a particular day in the past and relive it? Why?
– My commons sense tells me that it’s better to live in the present because the burden of the past and disappointments of the future won’t do any good. Yet, for people, there are no prohibitive signs on the road of life, only warnings. Sometimes I want to come back to some pleasant moments in the past, feel nostalgic and experience former happiness again. We find wisdom and energy in the past – we are nothing without it. Sometimes I travel back in time – in my thoughts.

– Tell me about your erotic fantasy. Where? How many participants?
– My erotic fantasy is sex on a plane with submission. I imagine a confident man who will grab me with brute passion and pull closer with his strong and skillful hands, and I will melt in these hands like an ice cream on a sunny day.

– Have you ever done something thoughtless, which you haven’t regretted later?
– I don’t know why, but I always consider all pros and cons before doing something. I am used to taking things seriously, so I’ve never done anything thoughtless. Maybe its wrong and boring, because we have to experiment in order to have something to remember about when we get older, but that’s how it is 🙂

– How do you prepare for online shows?
– Just the way I would prepare to any other meeting! The main thing is being in a good mood and looking great 😉

– What can cheer you up for the entire day?
– I cope perfectly with both cheering myself up and bringing myself down – I am very self-sufficient girl 😀 Generally, I believe that happiness is inside us, so external factors can only slightly modify the existing spirit.

– What do you think about no-strings-attached sex? Have you ever had such experience?
– My attitude towards no-strings-attached sex is negative, I think it’s terrible! It’s easier for boys in this respect – they don’t have to let anyone inside them 😀

– Do you enjoy sex with multiple partners? In what company would you like to try it?
– I can’t tell you whether I enjoy group sex because I have never tried it. I’m actually not interested in such experiments – for me, sex is a manifestation of love to the one and only beloved person.

– Do you consider yourself independent or need someone close by your side? Why?
– I always need someone by my side — whether it be the man I love or a pet 😀 I need somebody who I could share my feelings and emotions with – it’s an infinite source of energy.

– If you could stream your shows from any place in the world, where would it be?
– I think, it would be some beautiful island with lots of palm trees, white sand and crystal clear water.

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