Model Spotlight: Erotic_Star

Incredibly sociable Erotic_Star knows how to make every visitor of her chat-room happy! This marvelous girl captivates the audience with her natural beauty. Her feminine curves and tender, yet seductive glance awakens strong desire in men. Learn about this mysterious beauty’s interests and what awkward situations she had experienced! Read the interview with Erotic_Star right now!


– Would you like to have an exotic animal at home?
– Maybe, but I’m not sure. I like the Pallas’s cat a lot – I can imagine it living in my big house. I love all the cat family, but this kitty is special!

– What cuisine would you like to try?
– Most likely French cuisine. I’ve heard a lot about their national food; croissants came to us from them. People say that this pastry is insanely delicious when cooked according to a special recipe. And, of course, I want to try their famous nougat which you need to eat while listening to the history of its origin – that it is the most wonderful in the world!

– Swinger parties are popular in France. Have you ever been to a party like this?
– Unfortunately, I didn’t have a chance to visit this beautiful country yet, but I’m planning to in the future. I’ve never been to a swinger party. It has to be very interesting!

– Do you believe in reincarnation? Who would you like to be in your next life?
– Fifty-fifty. It’s impossible to say that it doesn’t exist. Sometimes, I’m feeling deja vu that I can’t explain. If reincarnation exists, I would like to be reborn as a bird and be as free as the wind. I love when I’m not limited in any way.

–Do you watch any reality shows?
–No, I don’t like them. It’s a waste of time.

– Do you think you’re too sensitive?
– I am an emotional person, but I’m not immersing myself in any state. Emotional disturbance, of course, is typical for everyone but there is no need to dive into these emotions completely.

– Have you ever worried about another person’s life more than your own?
– Of course, I have, and more than once. My family is the most significant thing for me in the whole world. Probably, everyone worry about their parents more than themselves.

– Can your sex partner make you feel as good as when you touch yourself?
– Yes, he can. My partner knows me as well as I know myself.

– Tell us about your most embarrassing sexual experience.
– It happened during an open-air concert. The emotions aroused wild passion, and we wanted to get some privacy. My friend and I could not help ourselves and, in the end, the whole parking lot could hear how good it was for both of us. I’m not a shy girl, but that got me a little embarrassed.

– What is the most despicable act a loved one can commit?
– I think betrayal is the worst act that a person can commit. If a loved one betrays you, there is no excuse for that.

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