Model Spotlight: DeliKate

This girl’s name tells a lot about her already – she is as delicate as a flower! We are sure you’ve seen or heard of her before – DeliKate couldn’t be left unnoticed by you! This princess makes a lasting impression with her exceptional beauty and stunning curves. She knows what she wants and is so sexy she almost intimidates! A girl as knowledgeable as DeliKate can teach you anything you wish for with passion! To know even more you will have to read the interview! DeliKate is willing to share some facts about herself 😉



– If someone wrote a biography about you, what do you think the title should be?
– I think the title should be The best sexy truck driver.

– What’s the weirdest dream you’ve ever had?
– The weirdest dream, hmm. Well, I don’t remember my dreams so much, but I do remember a time when I felt weird after waking up. I was with my friends at the mall, and at some point, everything turned into a puzzle, and we had to jump from one piece to another.

– Have you ever been drunk in public?
– Well, yeah… who hasn’t been? However, I’ve never done any bad things nor have made anyone suffer because of me.

– Describe your own personal heaven.
– My own personal heaven is a wonderful place where all people have what they wish for. All children are happy, and everyone is in love.

– What is your favorite smell?
– I like the scent of flowers. It puts me in a really good mood.

– What is your guilty pleasure?
– I love staying in the shower for a long time. I enjoy the feeling of water on my skin.

– Have you ever saved someone’s life?
– I never had this wonderful opportunity.

– If you could master one musical instrument, which one would it be?
– I’ve always liked the violin, and I would like to master it, but I’ve never had the opportunity to take violin classes.

– What do you think phones will be like in 10 years?
– We won’t have phones anymore. Probably we all will have some chips injected under our skin, haha.

– If you were president for the day, what one thing would you change about the country?
– If I were president for the day, I would start by laying the foundation for a better communication with our allies; I would provide all orphanages with food, sweets, clothes, toys, stationery, and other necessary things; I would establish a state hospital for children, mothers, and old people; In my spare time, I would recreate many parks for children.


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