Model Spotlight: Comsomolka1

Comsomolka1 is a fantastic girl! Optimistic, friendly and playful, she will surprise you with an unveiled depravity and love to experiments. It seems that, for her, there exist no boundaries! She gets extremely turned on by naughty requests and wild fantasies. The beauty will fulfill your craziest whim because she finds it crucial to bring pleasure to her admirers! Read our interview with the fiery Comsomolka1 and discover her attitude towards sex in public places and opinion of monogamy!

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Do you believe in destiny?
– I don’t believe in destiny, I think, we create it ourselves. For instance, if you want a coat then go to BongaCams and get it. Otherwise, well – bad luck! 🙂

If you had to choose between family and career, what would you choose?
– Family, of course. Career is important when you’re young, whereas family is important at any age.

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How do you feel about role-playing games?
– I love role-playing games! I’m always happy to try on a new role, but I do have my favorite ones: training of a mischievous dog or passing an exam by the blow job method 🙂

Which would you rather be, smart but miserable, or dumb but happy? Why?
– I think the choice is obvious! Who’d choose to be miserable? We could even create a new role-playing game. I can imagine myself tied to bed in a mental home with two or three sexy male or, probably, female nurses and…I am happy!

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Is it important to you what other people might think?
– Well, it is important what others might think. Based on these judgments I can rectify my mistakes, praise myself for the good ideas, predict how a situation will develop, manipulate people, rule the world! HA-HA! Sorry, didn’t mean it…

Do you like video games? Have a favorite one?
– I don’t like video games. They are life eaters!

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Do you believe in monogamy?
– Monogamy is a beautiful fairy tale. Everybody cheats. At least once. And numerous times in their thoughts! Besides, what about orgies?

How do you feel about sex in public places?
– I feel enthusiastic about it! It’s very spicy, I get turned on really fast and cum. Two minutes in a fitting room might be better that a two-hour mundane sex in bed at home.

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Tell about the most embarrassing situation that has ever happened to you.
– The most embarrassing situation happened to me when I was 19. We were having crazy sex at my boyfriend’s room while his parents were away. I was at the bottom, on top, sideways…We were kissing and changing positions while moaning, screaming, swearing and slapping each other at the same time. When we finished and I went to the bathroom to brush myself up, it turned out that his parents came back quite a while ago – took out the groceries and couldn’t dare to come out of the kitchen. I managed to mumble “hello” and quickly disappeared behind the bathroom door. It took me ages to find guts to come out 🙂

Would you be brave enough to move to a country where you don’t know anyone all by yourself?
– No. I’m a collectivist! Only in company. There was a line in a Russian song: “Everything unknown is utterly exciting”. In my case it’s: “Everything unknown is utterly scary”.

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