Model Spotlight: AskAlexa

AskAlexa is an intriguing lady who can be very mysterious at times. She’s got a great sense of humor and always feels when is the right moment and situation to cheer you up and make your head spin with pleasure. If you ask AskAlexa‘s viewers to describe her, they won’t be able to respond since just words aren’t enough! You’ll understand why they say that once you read the interview with this goddess! She is unique!



– Tell us about the most exciting moment you had on BongaCams.
– The most exciting moment is starting the stream 😀 I experience it every day!

– What’s your favorite piece of clothing?
– Out of all the clothing I prefer tank tops, panties, and lingerie. Generally speaking, I love being sexy.

– Who’s your go-to band or artist when you can’t decide what to listen to?
– When I don’t know what to listen to, I turn on Deep House music.

– Have you ever had a naughty dream about one of your users?
– No, my sleep is always peaceful.

– What do you do in your free time?
– In my free time, I do pole dancing and stretching. Also, sometimes I play PS, read books, eat out, dance, and listen to music.

– How would you respond if a couple approached you to be their “third”?
– I would tell them to do it without me.

– What inspires you to make a great show?
– Dancing inspires me. Oh, and the sound of coins does the same trick.

– What do you think is the sexiest part of your body?
– My eyes are the sexiest part of my body. They can make anyone go wild.

– Do you think some members have a little crush on you right now?
– Yeah, that’s possible. But I don’t know anything about that.

– What do you like about your users?
– I like it when they are sane and understand what website they are visiting.


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