Model Spotlight: _Queen_Maria_

_Queen_Maria_ is unbelievably beautiful – long silky hair, flawless body and fantastic eyes filled with passion! This nymph will definitely melt your heart and heat up your imagination with her marvelous flexibility! The girl is also very smart, pleasant to be around and has a great sense of humor! Get to know this tempting goddess better – read the interview with _Queen_Maria_ and find out if she takes superstitions seriously and what is her attitude towards threesome!

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What are three interesting facts about you?
– 1. As a child, I had curly red hair, like an orange 🙂 2. I am in constant search for new hobbies. I tend to reduce any occupation to money-making and therefore quickly lose interest. On the plus side, I’m a very multifaceted person and learn quickly, so easily find new interests. 3. I am afraid of swimming and driving a car, and yet I skydived! 🙂

If you didn’t have to sleep, what would you do with the extra time?
– I would sleep anyway 🙂 I’ve never been one of those constantly busy people who wish they had more hours in a day. The main thing is living in harmony with yourself – everything else can wait. It’s very important to find time to relax, but in the fast pace of modern life many people simply forget to ask themselves: “Where am I running?”

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Name the strangest thing that turns you on.
– The moment when I finally get warm after feeling cold! I hate low temperatures, so returning to the comfortable environment makes me relax and feel cozy. And that’s when I become very compliant 😉

– If all jobs had the same pay, what job would you like to have?
– Santa Clause! Perfect working pattern – 1 day on/ 364 days off 😀 And the remaining time I could spend giving orders to Christmas elves at the toy factory 🙂 Though, I think it would be a sex toy factory. Those who misbehave won’t get any presents! 🙂


What are your main goals in life?
– The life itself is my main goal, provided that it’s happy, interesting and filled with memorable events and love!

What is your attitude towards threesome?
– Honestly? Rather negative 🙂 I’m a very jealous proprietress: what’s mine is mine! But I never judge others for their desires and fantasies. The only important condition – all three should be comfortable about it. It definitely shouldn’t be a mere attempt to please your partner.


Would you rather be beautiful but dumb, or intelligent but ugly?
– Intelligent, of course 🙂 Smart woman simply can’t be ugly. Beauty is relative, what matters is health and a neat appearance! Citing Coco Chanel: “If a woman hadn’t become beautiful by the age of 30, she is simply dumb!” 🙂

Do you prefer getting or giving oral sex?
– I think, these are two different types of pleasure, and both are important. The former brings physical joy, but the latter – psychological. The balance is very important for us, women. We are complicated creatures:)

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Do you believe in superstitions?
– Depends on the situation. Black cats certainly irritate, but I have two black cats myself. And they justify the superstition by constantly breaking and damaging my stuff 😀 As for the other beliefs, it’s like with horoscopes – if I don’t like the prediction, it’s false 🙂 Besides, interpretations are rarely univocal, and don’t forget about the historical reference. For instance, broken mirror or spilled salt were considered to bring bad luck simply because they were expensive and compensating for them was problematic. But it’s irrelevant today!

Tell about your first love.
– My first, real and everlasting love is the world of men! I’m totally not a one-man girl, I constantly fall in love, sometimes even several times a day – with someone’s voice or stylish hairstyle! 🙂 As for serious feelings, it’s more interesting to discover your last love – the union of fully-fledged souls. In the childhood or adolescence it’s just a timid affection.

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