AlinnaMay – the milky-colored charm

We are glad to present you the heroine of today’s heading – AlinnaMay! This baby is able to drive anyone crazy and win public attention in an instant! We offer you to get to know her closer and find out what secrets this unimaginable beauty conceals!


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It’s Throwback Time! Summer Moved On: Miss of the Week in August 2016

It’s been a week since the official end of the summer of 2016. We said buh-bye to the light breeze, the amber sunset, the tanned skin, the light taste of salty water on our lips, and the long warm summer nights. Come to visit BongaCams for the warming company of the sweetest girls while it’s raining cats and dogs against your window and the winds are gusting outside!

BongaCams’ Miss of the Week in August 2016 was as exciting as ever, introducing new faces and bringing back the girls you’ve been enjoying for a long time. You already know that TouchMyGi managed to stay on top of the iceberg most of the time, only giving her title away for one short week, to the daring MeriLovely.

This newcomer blondie is one of the absolute favourites of BongaCams users. We really love her body that is so graceful with the tiny waist of hers that it seems the curves must’ve been carefully carved.
Our guys admire her for her zeal that is forever appealing. Good temper and ardour will let you win over every man that comes to your chat room to seek for comfort!



Now, this girl surely needs no introduction! Famous all over BongaCams for her epic body, this model has accumulated a very solid fan base being there for her day and night.
Having a super fit body is one thing, working for it and knowing how to use it is an entirely different matter. TouchMyGi has discovered the secret that lead her straight to the hearts of her admirers to stay there forever!

The new season brings you new strength and encouragement on our part. Take good care of yourself, improve your body and soul, open up to the world with a smile, and welcome positive vibes only!


Top Member interviewed: jorge1933

Today I would like to introduce another new segment, that I am sure will stick around and would be done on a regular basis: An interview of Top Member of Bongacams, his thoughts on models, site itself and some other things. My first guest is jorge1933 

1. How long have you been a member on Bongacams?

About a week. Have to say, that I like it here a lot.

2. What is your number one model working with us?


1. BongaCams model asiandholly

3. Do you consider yourself more of “I like action” kind of a guy , or is simply talking to a girl fine for you?

I`m an action guy myself, but chatting with a girl first is what I like. It is never “tokens-show“ with me, since I like to start slowly, but surely.

4. Which time of day is the most comfortable for visiting adult web sites you think and if you will, please tell me, how do You do it.

The best time for me is late at night where I live. I usually set up my laptop and chat with some girls, if I like them enough I`d take them to private and then we usually work something out.

5. Do you think, that new possible cathegories of performers, like transsexual, male, shemale ones would be popular and needed on Bonga?

Those cathegories won`t be something I`m personally interested in since I like the female focus of bongacams more.

6. You`ve mentioned before, that AsianDholly is your number one model, can you now elaborate on why is that so?

First of all, her room is generally a “low profile” , despite that, the girl is always cheerfull and makes you feel good and welcome. Also, she has no problem with doing shows in public, whereas many models only want to go in private. Never does she ask for tokens “just because she is herself“, but rather wants you to enjoy yourself while you are with her.

Whenever she does a show, it is creative, well organized and her dresses are a whole different story to themselves.

7. What are your thoughts on what motivates women and also men to get involved into internet performing at all? Is it all about money?

It is about the money. For many models it is the only way to make a living, which is one of the other reasons I like this site: It focuses on models making sure they`re compensated for their hard work.

8. Can we safely assume, that in real life, women, get as much freedom as men do?

I think that women generally do not have as much freedom as men do. I don’t understand the phrase “power of equality”, but don’t believe that women have as much freedom as men in modern world.

9. If you could go on “Around The World“ cruise with any woman you desire, who would it be?

Easy.. AsianDholly

10. Mac or PC?