Best of BongaCams Miss of the Week 2016

Unbelievable, but we have come to the end of 2016, and this is the time to look back and reflect on what has been done and achieved during the year. BongaCams decided to acknowledge the best models of 2016 and their roaring success. There have been many new and old faces landing No. 1 in our traditional popular contest, but some have been crowned Miss of the Week more times than others!

Let’s take a closer look at the fabulous beauties whose charisma and hard work have won the hearts of BongaCams users! Who is your favourite? Don’t forget to comment!

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It’s Throwback Time! Summer Moved On: Miss of the Week in August 2016

It’s been a week since the official end of the summer of 2016. We said buh-bye to the light breeze, the amber sunset, the tanned skin, the light taste of salty water on our lips, and the long warm summer nights. Come to visit BongaCams for the warming company of the sweetest girls while it’s raining cats and dogs against your window and the winds are gusting outside!

BongaCams’ Miss of the Week in August 2016 was as exciting as ever, introducing new faces and bringing back the girls you’ve been enjoying for a long time. You already know that TouchMyGi managed to stay on top of the iceberg most of the time, only giving her title away for one short week, to the daring MeriLovely.

This newcomer blondie is one of the absolute favourites of BongaCams users. We really love her body that is so graceful with the tiny waist of hers that it seems the curves must’ve been carefully carved.
Our guys admire her for her zeal that is forever appealing. Good temper and ardour will let you win over every man that comes to your chat room to seek for comfort!



Now, this girl surely needs no introduction! Famous all over BongaCams for her epic body, this model has accumulated a very solid fan base being there for her day and night.
Having a super fit body is one thing, working for it and knowing how to use it is an entirely different matter. TouchMyGi has discovered the secret that lead her straight to the hearts of her admirers to stay there forever!

The new season brings you new strength and encouragement on our part. Take good care of yourself, improve your body and soul, open up to the world with a smile, and welcome positive vibes only!


Welcome, Old New Miss Of The Week, TouchMyGi!

Monday mornings always come around too soon, but don’t be sad as we never fail to bring you the good news by announcing the winner of your favourite Miss of the Week. Last week’s best model has climbed the top many times, but still mysteriously manages to grab the 1st place ‘like a boss’!

TouchMyGi transforms the reality of BongaCams members with her out-of-this-world body that screams how fit it is and her unearthly manners. Many dream of marrying her or having the real her in their lives one way or another, but she will forever remain the unsolved sexy cam mystery!

We love TouchMyGi for her sizeable contribution to the community and call all models to get inspired by her example. You are brilliant in your own way and just a few magical shows away from the desirable first place!


Miss Of The Week – Stunning TouchMyGi Makes It to the Top Again!

It’s Monday, guys! This means that it’s time to sum up the results of the Miss of the Week contest!

We are glad to announce the name of our winner. And for the second week in a row, the crown goes to BongaCams’ charming star – our beloved TouchMyGi!
This model’s brilliant live shows gave the brightest ever impressions to BongaCams members last week!

You’re invited to congratulate TouchMyGi personally and enjoy her new exclusive shows! But don’t forget to support all the other models in the contest this week!

miss of the week

Miss Of The Week – TouchMyGi Is Top Of The Tops

Is it Monday again? It sure is, and we are back with our famous weekly contest. Drums! This week, the winner is the girl a lot of you know… TouchMyGi!

No words are good enough to describe the graceful beauty of this heavenly model with captivating big eyes. She has given you so much joy, but more is yet to come! TouchMyGi has the great power to make you feel good just being in her presence. Go ahead and check out her naughty-but-nice chat room!

Hey, all the models out there! We encourage you to try harder because next time, it will be one of YOU to conquer the top.

Kudos to TouchMyGi! Till next time!