Model Spotlight: AllisonPalmer

AllisonPalmer is smart, funny and incredibly sexy. This babe will captivate you with her amazing body and long beautiful hair – a truly delightful sight, isn’t it? But it’s not everything she can offer – AllisonPalmer gets incredibly hot when she talks with smart and interesting men. Can you offer her that? If yes, then she will really blow your mind with her enticing performances and show her naughtiest sides. Read an interview with AllisonPalmer and leave your comments!



– How lucky are you and why?
– I think I am a very lucky person in the way that I have had amazing opportunities in my life, but it is not all about luck, it is also about having the courage and the passion, it is about taking risks and to take control of your life. Without those things, being lucky is nothing.

– How would you occupy your time if you did not have to work for a paycheck?
– Definitely traveling. I love to travel, to get to know new cultures, to go on adventures, to party and I also find it really satisfying and relaxing. I think if I had that time I would invest it all in having adventures around the world.

– If there was a movie produced about your life, who would you play and why?
– Well hahaha, I think I’d be the typical crazy and wild girl who has to put her feet on the ground at some point and start organizing her life somehow, but who never loses that wildness and her personality, just got a little more responsible.

– How often do you play sports? What’s your favorite one?
– I try to go to the gym at least 3 times a week, I like to keep myself healthy. I’m not very much into sports but… does sex count?

– If you were a dictator of a small island nation, what crazy dictator stuff would you do?
– Hahaha, I don’t think I’d be a bad dictator, I would let everyone go naked around the island or something like that, it would be a free nation, with love as its flag.

– What’s something you’ve been meaning to try but just haven’t gotten around to it?
– Flying! Anyway, parachute or as a pilot, I would love to get to know that feeling, and also having sex on a plane.

– Who would you prefer, a man with a pretty face and an average body, or a man with an average face and an awesome body? Why?
– I would prefer a guy with a creative, spicy and sexy mind, If that guy can show me he can do out of the box stuff with me, then the body and the face just come as a secondary thing, remember, girls get the horniest with a sexy mind!

– Do you remember what that first orgasm felt like?
– Oh my god yes, It was my first time, at the beginning I was really scared because my boyfriend at that time had a really big…tool, so I thought it was going to be really painful but actually he did a great job, I remember having my legs very wet and feeling like dying when I got to the orgasm. That boy really did know how to do his job.


– Have you ever had sex with someone whose name you never knew? How did it happen? If not, how would you imagine that?
– Oops, yes I have LOL. It was on a trip to the beach, I was at a party and got a little drunk, well, it was a beach party so everyone was drunk there, I ended up with this hot guy on bed and next morning I remember waking up and he called me by my name, I just got to say “Hi sweetie” and try to find an excuse to ran away ASAP from his hotel room, I was a little embarrassed by the situation, but it was good sex.

– What kind of vacation would you prefer, the romantic mountainside where you can be locked up with one of the users in a room all day, or a beach party destination where you can grind and make out while clubbing? Why?
– Well, it depends, I really like partying and wild plans, but that’s when I’m single, for example, if I had a couple I’d rather spend a calm relaxing weekend in the mountains, with nothing else but nature surrounding us. But when I’m single, like now, I just prefer to dance, get crazy, enjoy people and music and have a good time at the beach.


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  1. Vives en Pereira, el día que Petro fue a su campaña te ví en la Plaza de Bolivar con un chico. Realmente eres preciosa y no podía creer que te había visto en persona.

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