Model Spotlight: TvikseX

Missed getting to know our popular models better? Today, we bring you the latest interview, with not one, but two hot models. Meet TvikseX, a sexy couple and a new favourite on BongaCams! Who are they, what they do, and what’s so special about them? Read on to find out… and much more! Enjoy!



– Does camming make you happy? In what ways?
– It does. We are in for good communication, high income, and positive emotions. It so happens that there are inadequate users, but generally, only positive vibes from the website.

– What is your biggest and weirdest pet peeve?
– Too sociable and too reserved people.

– How to make a guy beg for more?
– Using striptease and exposing the body in front of him.


– Tell us a funny story!
– We have a mean cat named Caesar, who just loves to play during our sessions. He enjoys biting legs, and when you try to make him go away, he starts shouting. It’s very funny!

– What’s your favourite treat?
– Alyonka loves yoghurt cake, and I love anthill cake.

– Tell us about the thing you’re most likely not to do on cam!
– No perversions on camera. We just enjoy doing erotic shows.

– Would you tell your children about camming?
– Never. We would not show our children a single thing, but I think the Internet would perfectly “do the job” for us.


– Do you have a favourite performer?
– Alain, Dj YoGee, Skillet.

– Here’s your chance to say something to your members!
– Dear users, please be polite and sociable because communication is the key to understanding!


– What’s the first thing you do in your free time?
– We like to be lazy in our free time, have some fun, and hug the cat, a lot.

– Are you a member of the mile-high club?
– Not (yet), I haven’t had sex on a plane.

– Have you ever been drunk at work?
– We have a negative attitude towards alcohol, so we drink rarely, mostly on holidays or just occasionally, to relax.


– Do you fall in love easily?
– I wouldn’t say so; it takes a really long time for us to fall in love.

– What are your Top-3 foods?
– Cod liver oil, sushi, and pastries made with love by her mom for Alyona; grilled chicken salad, crab soup, and donuts for me.

– What would you do if you weren’t afraid?
– I would definitely jump with a parachute.


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