Model Spotlight: SweetKira5

Dear BongaCams-ers!

It’s been a really long time since the last interview with one of the many fabulous models, so let us right the wrong!

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– What’s the best thing about working on BongaCams?
Freedom and independence. I work when and how much I want. I set my own goals and achieve them.

– What is the most bizarre request you’ve received during your live shows?
– Everyone is different, and strange requests are very common. Perhaps, the most surprising one was to show my teeth and open my mouth wide. He must have been a dentist and wanted to see my fillings.

– What’s the biggest thing you’ve ever put in your mouth?
– I love sweets and funny games, such as Chubby Bunny. A lot of marshmallows, the biggest things I’ve ever put in my mouth.


– How often do you have sex? Do you have a regular sex partner?
– I have a regular partner, and we have sex every two days. Meet my dildo, I love it!

– What helps you feel the sexiest on webcam?
– Confidence in looking perfect. When everything is perfect, I’m sure that all men are staring only at me.

– What’s the best destination for sex tourism?
– Thailand, of course! Sun, sea, and fun for everyone. Go to Thailand to fulfil all your fantasies!

– If you could do another job for just one day, what would it be?
– I would become a radio DJ or an anchorwoman. These jobs take the same skills that are crucial to becoming a webcam model, e.g., looking good on camera, being able to socialise and grab the audience’s attention as well as tell an interesting story or respond to an unexpected question. I’m sure I could cope.


– What is the most sensitive part of your body?
– I’m sensitive all over, a solid erogenous zone. Sometimes, I don’t even need to be touched, a single thought is enough to feel excitement.

– Tell us something surprising about yourself!
– I’m a terrible sleepyhead. I can sleep all day if nobody wakes me up. I set many alarms, but can still can oversleep. I’m so happy to be working for BongaCams and make my own schedule.

– What sort of guy do you like?
– None. Guys are immature, superficial, and very emotional – I cannot rely on them. Beside me, I need a reliable man who will support me no matter what.

– If you ruled the world for one day, what would you do?
– I’d arrange a global day-off for everyone to spend it with their beloved ones. After all, no-one knows what will happen tomorrow.


– What would you never show in front of the webcam?
– Hard to tell. Probably, I would never show my sex routine. For me, it is a very intimate thing not to be demonstrated.

– Do you have any secrets of seduction?
– Of course, a lot of secrets, but the main one is to be attentive, sincere, and open. It’s attractive. No-one likes boring people, and a brilliant smile is the main weapon of seduction hard that is to resist.

– What is the craziest place you’ve had sex?
– A dressing room in a supermarket. There were many passers-by, I was terrified to get caught, but it only increased the excitement.

– How can a man conquer your heart?
– From the moment I became a BongaCams model, it is very difficult to conquer my heart, probably because I began to understand men very well and know what they want, but I think a man can well conquer my sympathy with kindness and care – the most important things.


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