Model Spotlight: StaceyWood

This sweetheart loves dancing and enjoys broadcasting. Meet fascinating StaceyWood! She has shared a funny story and revealed what she really likes. Read the interview with StaceyWood and leave your comments.



– How did you begin camming?
– How did I start? Hmm.. I found out about the camming industry from a friend of mine who used to work at a webcam studio, he told me many times to start working for the studio he was working for but I was really insecure about it. But one day, almost a year ago, the circumstances made me take a decision to start working in the industry and it was really funny because my first day was amazing, I received a good amount of tokens, I was really happy.

– Name 5 things that you like and explain why
– Dancing: I feel really passionate about it and I really enjoy the feeling of moving my body to the music, I think if you have seen me broadcasting you can notice I really love it LOL.
Travelling: I love to travel, it really disconnects me from everything and makes me feel free
Eating: Well besides being a necessity it is one of the biggest pleasures in life!
Training: I love training, it is the way I release stress and all the bad energies from my body.
Spending time with my family: For me, the family is the core of everything, you have to spend time and share the love with them every time you have the chance to do it because they raise you and made you who you are, so there’s a lot to give back.


– What are the sexiest dishes you have tried on a date?
– Oysters, of course, it was just once on a date in Cartagena with a really handsome guy. But also I am not a lot into dates, I rarely do it cause I am a little shy and a little reserved with my personal life, so I don’t let people into my life easily.

– What makes a model sexy in your opinion?
– For me it is to understand that sexiness doesn’t go in separate ways, it is a compound of different things, for example for me, there are three things that make a model really sexy. Firstly, the way you look at the camera, you have to FOCUS on the camera and show your sexiest eyes for the public. In the second place are your expressions, you get nothing if you have those sexy eyes but your facial expression is boring or fake, like I said earlier, it is a compound and it has to work together so you have to look at the camera like if you were looking at a sexy guy that you wanna meet at a party. And finally, your moves, it is not only the face but also the body, if you have a sexy face well you can also use your hands to be even sexier, touch your body, feel it and make them feel you. That’s for me what makes a model sexy.


– What do you do in your spare time?
– Simple, train, rest a lot and spend time with my family.

– If you could be any animal in the world, what animal would you be and why?
– I would be a bird because I feel that they are truly free, as they can be wherever they want to be and they can also fly, which I would love to experience.


– What is the most challenging problem, you’ve faced in the cam industry?
– Well, the worst thing that has happened to me, and I think one of the most challenging problems in the cam industry is the gossip. In the beginning, you want to keep this a secret because you don’t want your family to know what you’re doing, but there’s always gossip, and pictures and people who believe that they’re better than you just because you work in the industry and they share pictures and try to hurt you. But thankfully I have become really strong because I have the support of my family and close friends, and for everyone who is out there working in the industry, that’s what really matters.

– What kind of sports do you like and why?
– Actually, I am not that into sports, I work out because I like to be healthy and to feel healthy but if I had to choose a sport that I like, and if it counts as a sport, it’d be dancing. It makes me feel free and happy.


– What is the funniest thing that has happened to you recently?
– Hahaha, okay, recently a user told me that he wanted to see me jumping naked on my bed so I started doing it, as you can see when I am broadcasting I really enjoy my job and try to have as much fun as I can while I do it, so, naturally I was jumping on the bed and dancing to the music but I got so entertained by it that I didn’t realize I was almost on the edge of the bed and one of my feet slipped and I fell down, of course, it was really embarrassing for me but I just started laughing, what else could I do? You gotta enjoy life.

– Any advice or wishes for your viewers?
– First, I would like to thank them a lot, everything that I have achieved here is because of them and every morning I wake up for them, everything I learn every day and everything I do while broadcasting is for them also, you are my engine, every day I grow as a person for you, so I send you a thousand kisses and my best wishes for their lives. And as advice please respect the models, we are here for you so don’t throw shade on us, I try every day to be a better person for you and for the world, so if we all try together I am pretty sure this world can change.



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