Model Spotlight: MsBoni

The tender and sweet MsBoni is in the spotlight today! This delicate 21-year-old nymph boasts not only angel-like appearance, but also a lively mind. Already excited? Scroll down for the interview with the adorable BongaCams model!


Tell us three interesting facts about yourself!
– I left home at 17 years old.
– I like hard sex.
– I had sex with a girl friend.

What is the first thing you do when you wake up?
For a long time, I lay in bed, and then go to take a shower. I make some coffee and breakfast and read newspapers.


Do you watch porn movies?
– Sure! All people watch porn, and I am no exception.

What part of your body are you most proud of?
– I am so in love with my eyes and waist!

What sort of guy do you like?
– I love intelligent, polite, and hot guys, but to get me in bed, they have to be interested in my brain. I’m not at all interested in dealing with fools.


What’s a perfect date for you?
– A perfect date does not depend on a place, it depends on the person. If a man interests me, I will be happy with him on a bench in the park or on the beach, and if the man is not my type, even the most expensive restaurant will not save the date.

Finish this sentence: If I ruled the world for a day, I would…
– Organise a grand celebration in all big cities with all the people having fun!

What’s the biggest thing you’ve ever put in your mouth?
– Honestly, it was the dick of my ex-boyfriend.


What’s your favourite lingerie colour?
– Black lingerie makes me hornier.

If you were stranded on a lonely beach, what are the five things that you would want to have with you?
– I think I would take the most important things with me:
Fishing rod
Filter for sea water
Ax! 🙂 Without it, there is no way!

How often do you think about sex?
– Hehe, I think about sex EVERY DAY!)


Do you like to hear you partner moaning?
– It turns me on and gives me more pleasure.

What celebrity would never end up in your bedroom?
– I think Lady Gaga.

What makes your shows different from others?
– In my shows, you will never see cheap porn and bad behaviour with members. I know my worth.

What’s your message to the guys who come see you at BongaCams?
– Thank you very much, guys! I feel happy when you come to see me : * :*


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