Model Spotlight: LexiGold

LexiGold is a jaw-droppingly hot beauty with a curvy and athletic body. She is such a naughty girl – would you like to see what she’s capable of? LexiGold reveals everything she has on her incredible webcam shows. She will turn you on and keep you hooked until you are completely exhausted. Pretty good for one little sexy lady, right? Read an interview with LexiGold and leave all your thoughts and desires in the comments!

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– Tell us 3 advantages of being a model on BongaCams.
– I can say so many things, but there is no doubt that one thing that really motivates me is all the different contests that Bonga has for the models. We all have the option to participate and improve ourselves. Another reason is the worldwide recognition of Bonga and a good opportunity to be a part of the BongaCams family. And the third but not less important is the authenticity of the users and the legality of the obtained Tokens. That is something that gives us security while we are streaming.

– Have you ever woken the neighbors because you were so loud in the bedroom?
– I am usually a little bit noisy! I speak and listen to music at a moderate volume, but if we refer to sexual part – I am like an ambulance siren! Of course, it all depends on the person who activates that siren, haha!

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– Hair down there or all bare? Why?
– I definitely prefer having it shaved – I think it is more feminine and hygienic.

– What’s your favorite position when you’re on top?
– My favorite one is against the wall – I am a small woman so they can play with me easily. They can lift me up like I am a fragile porcelain, haha!


– What’s the dirtiest thing someone’s ever said to you during sex?
– It wasn’t very dirty, but I still remember it very clearly. “I’ll fuck you to the soul”! I really imagined my soul would be happy to be fucked too, it also has the right!

– Have you ever woken up beside someone you regretted sleeping with? Why?
– No, I tend to be very selective with my sexual partners. At least I don’t remember that this ever happened and if it happened and I don’t remember, it must have been very bad sex.

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– What’s the dirtiest text you’ve ever sent or received?
– This is very embarrassing and funny. I like venous penises, so once I told someone that I want to be a vampire and suck all the blood from their veins. Sometimes I am perverse.

– What was the best book or series that you’ve ever read?
– Hmm, I’m not going to lie, I got very excited numerous times while reading the “50 shades of Grey” book series.

– What’s worth spending more on to get the best in camming industry?
– On your looks. It is essential to invest in the visual aspect and all the tools that can make creativity flow. I also think that learning languages and using technology and tools can make you a better camgirl. But in general, I invest in my body, the gym, and a healthy diet.

– What do you think can make a sex life more exciting?
– Anything that helps to avoid monotony and it is essential to keep an open mind.


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