Model Spotlight: goodWitch

Today, we are happy to bring you an interview with the voluptuous goodWitch.

Are you ready for the naked truth? It’s all or nothing! Read on!



– How long have you been working with BongaCams?
– I’ve been working with BongaCams for quite a while. Yes, I did take a break, and it’s been three years since I came back.

– What’s the best thing about being a webcam model?
– Being a webcam model is to die for. It gives you strong character and keeps you 100% ready for anything.


– Where is the most adventurous place you’ve had sex?
– It depends entirely on the person. For some people, it’s the bathroom or the kitchen table or even the back seat of a car. For me, it was a third-card sleeper of a long-distance train. Actually, I’ve tried everything, and it’s kind of difficult to say that one particular place is the most adventurous. When I was younger, every single intercourse was adventurous.

– How will you describe your wildest erotic fantasy?
– Men, women, swinger parties… are so last-century! I would love to try sex with a robot. They never get tired and can have sex for a longer time, until I can’t take it anymore.


– Do you like porn and erotic movies? What’s your favorite category?
– Who doesn’t? I love all porn movies and categories. The porn industry has deep roots, and I’ve always been watching the videos. I enjoy having sex while a porn movie is running – best orgasms guaranteed.

– Which song do you associate with sex games?
– I also love having sex to music, the choice depends entirely on the mood. When I want rough sex, it’s Metallica or Rock… even classical music can do.


– Can you describe BongaCams in five words?
– Attentive, polite, always helpful. In the course of two years, I’ve always received my payouts earlier before holidays, which I appreciate. I don’t normally participate in contests, but it’s nice to see the team actually trying to engage the models.

– Which celebrity would you invite to have sex with you? Whom would you never like to join your bedroom?
– I think I’d choose a brutal man or a beautiful woman.

– Have you ever had an embarrassing moment during your live shows?
– It’s not a secret that many models stream on a number of websites at the same time. I don’t do free shows, but there was a customer once who was unbelievably generous and wanted me to do anal, which I did in front of everyone. I wished I could just disappear!


– Do you have any hobbies?
– I’m a cook at a restaurant, do esotericism, meditate, study English. In winter, I go skiing, skating, and in summer, play chess, pool, get together with friends, walk my dog, and do sports five days a week.

– If you could travel anywhere, where would you like to go?
– I’d visit the USA, Rome, and Paris.

– How many sex toys do you have? Which one is the best?
– Seven years in the business allowed me to gather a collection of sex toys. Some are more popular than others. One thing is sure – big dildos are everyone’s favourites. My No.1 is the tongue-shaped dildo that can make me come five times in a row. Fantastic!


– What is the sexiest part of your body?
– I’ve never been skinny, really. As I do sports a lot and become a better version of myself every single day, I don’t know which part of my body is the sexiest. Men tend to like my boobs and ass… and I trust men.

– Which advice could you give other BongaCams models?
– Nobody gave me any advice when I discovered the world of camming. I learned everything myself, in terms of technical and practical questions. The key to success is to remain human and be kind towards other models, be yourself, and never copy others. Work, work, work, and don’t spend time stalking on others! Equally important, be patient.


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