Model Spotlight: Gingerspyce

We would like to introduce you to a brilliant cam girl so determined that she knew she’d be joining the camming community at a tender age of 18. A fiery and funky redhead Gingerspyce already has plenty of fans and admirers who can’t live a day without getting a dose of their online muse. Scroll down to get close and personal with her in today’s edition of Model Spotlight!



What’s the best advantage of being a webcam model on BongaCams?

– Being a webcam model on BongaCams has been an amazing opportunity. There have been so many advantages to becoming part of the BongaCams community including interaction with a wide variety of people – my viewers making me laugh and smile every day and feel at home in my room – as well as the site being a supportive and well-managed company that I enjoy working for. Building my fan base on BongaCams has been an exciting process making friends while enjoying positive vibes during my shows. Getting on my computer and logging on BongaCams has been a highlight of each day, with the support of my fans, I am becoming a better model each day and can’t wait to see where the journey takes me. Thank you to all my fans for your support, you guys rock!

Tell us how you came up with your nickname! What does it mean to you?

When I started camming, I wanted a name that would stand out and be cute, also representing who I am. I chose Gingerspyce because I’m a spunky fiery fun redhead with a spicy personality, but as sweet as a gingerspice cookie. 😉


Which compliments do you get a lot from your chat room guests?

“BB I LOVE YOUR FEET” It seems most of my fans are obsessed with my feet, so I always have them on camera, playing with them. I never knew how much people love feet until becoming a cam model. Now I do and LOVE showing my tootsies off every day. 🙂

Well, and what’s the craziest request you’ve ever received during your live broadcasts?

There have been many interesting requests in my room over my camming career. At the beginning of my model experience, I was doing a show once where a fan requested I fill a condom with water and put it in my pussy. I actually did it, also putting in a toy. It was a crazy feeling, like I had a water balloon in my pussy! Later on, as I became more experienced, I learned how to squirt, then worked my way into a new realm – after conquering anal, I started fucking my ass and doing anal squirting. Now it is a common request whenever I am fucking my ass to anal squirt all over my toes.

Is there anything you would never show in front of your webcam? Why?

I’ll show anything without getting too fetishy for the website rules. 😛

Can you tell us about any curious moments that happened during your live shows on BongaCams?

It started as a regular session, left to get something to drink. I’m glad I was hydrated because when I got back, many of my regular viewers began tip-walling me before I could even sit down with a cup of water in my hand! The Lovense was in my ass, and I was in such a good mood seeing familiar faces and so horny (as usual) that I definitely had one of my biggest projectile squirt shows ever. Came too many times. My webcam got kinda soaked.


Do you like watching porn movies? Which categories do you like most?

Porn isn’t really my thing, but I feel like my everyday sex life is almost like a porn movie itself, with how crazy it can get. I love the really kinky aspects like bondage and anal, and I enjoy taking it to new levels.

Sweet love making or hardcore sex? Why?

Love making is passionate and amazing, and I love it, but just thinking about hardcore sex makes my pussy so wet. My boyfriend and I have had some of the craziest sex where I’m tied up, blindfolded, gagged, there’s loud crazy metal music playing, and I’m getting pounded out in both holes – it is pure ecstasy!

Which three words describe you in sex?

The best three words to describe me during sex are: submissive, kinky, and adventurous. I love to be dominated and do all kinds of crazy things whether it be hard deep anal (the recent challenge was an 18-inch super double-ended dildo) or squirting fountains. I love trying new things and exploring new realms in the bedroom.


Do you like superheroes? Which one could become your sex partner?

Superman could fly my way any day! :p

And which flower is the sexiest one?

I would say the purple rose is the sexiest flower: unique, mysterious, and so elegant!

Tell us about your secret fetishes.

My secret fetish is having my body licked and kissed, especially my feet! It makes me tingle and lose control every time.

What’s your favorite sex toy?

I have so many sex toys that it’s hard to choose a favourite, but if I had to, it would probably be from my collection of glass dildos. I absolutely love them for anal and pussy play and they’re all so eye-catching.

Which piece of women’s clothing is absolutely needless on your opinion? Why?

Panties are 100% unnecessary, many days I don’t even wear them because I’ve found I hate them, I just want to feel free!

What’s your message to your chat room guests?

To my chatroom guests, you guys are amazing! Thank you so much for continuing to bring a smile to my face each day I’m on and making me laugh when I need it the most. You guys are the true MVP’s! 🙂


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