Model Spotlight: AmberJay

What could be better than a graceful babe in an elegant lingerie, teasing you with her smoking hot body and a seductive smile? AmberJay is all of this and even more. This beautiful lady is very naughty – she will fulfill all your desires and will make you crave for more – full of wildest and sexiest surprises, she is not afraid to show them to you online. Read an interview with AmberJay and find out more about the craziest and arousing stories from the life of this sensual beauty.



– What’s your story? When did you start camming and why?
– It was one year and a few months ago, I began as a webcam model for a studio. I think that the main reason, besides the economic one, is the actual desire of becoming a webcam model and get to a point when you are among the best ones. I enjoy proving myself and trying to be perfect.

– Do you have a go-to masturbation fantasy?
– Yes, actually I do have several, the thing is I really enjoy using my imagination and every time I masturbate I just let my mind go around and get to my deepest desires, so it becomes a really fun daring game for me.

– What’s your favourite color and type of underwear?
– I love the emerald green, but in general, I love any lingerie that shows elegance and sensuality, regardless of its color.

– What’s the most sensitive part of your body?
– Wow, I have to say my boobs – when someone passes their fingers slowly feeling them I feel like I’m drowning in pleasure! I also like to use cream and oil to massage them or to get them massaged if you know what I mean.

– What’s the most sexually daring thing you’ve ever done?
– I guess one of the most daring things I have ever done is doing a striptease for my boyfriend, but the thing is it was at his family coffee farm, we were in the middle of the bushes and we got really emmm…Let’s say sweaty, so I had to take off my clothes for him. I was both scary and excited about the fact that we could get caught, but it was really fun.

– Do you like it when your partner is the dominant one in bed or do you prefer leading things?
– Tough one! I guess you can enjoy better sex if you are able to be in both roles, sometimes I just wanna dominate the other person and make them do what I want, but other days I just feel like being tied up in bed. It comes with the excitement and how you feel at the moment.

– What’s more important … boobs or butt? Why?
– Latin girls like me don’t have to choose, we have both but well, if I had to, I will definitely go for the bootie, cause hips don’t lie, right?

– What’s your most hardcore fantasy?
– I enjoy feeling the fear of being caught, So I’d say locking myself in a mall’s restrooms with two guys. You can imagine the rest of it.

– What game or movie universe would you most like to live in?
– I’d say Marvel’s universe, I just love their characters and how funny and easygoing they are. Also, Thor is an amazing reason to wish to live there.

– What is something you think everyone should do at least once in their lives?
– We should all experience true love at least once, even though it ends up fucking us up in life, but the best thing is to know that we can love another person for over a thousand things.


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