BongaCams’ Real Gift Shop, or How To Impress Your Favorite Model!

What can be more beautiful than seeing the look on your beloved babe’s face when she receives a gift? Nothing! It will be the most cherishable and priceless moment in her life!
Our dear models are receiving gifts and really appreciate the attention they are getting.

dd5a98383ff6f631f761c7d286101421If you are a real man and want to pamper your favorite model – give her a real gift that will win her heart!
Check out the BongaCams’ Real Gift Store that can be accessed from your favorite models Profile Page. #IceBucketChallenge

Wish you a good day!

We believe that many of you have heard about the popular #IceBucketChallenge, where people pour ice water on their head. So, some of our models have also decided to participate and are challenging models from another camsites.

We are sharing with you this video:

We would like to remind you that you have 24 hours to accept the challenge or make a donation to the  ALS Association charity foundation, or do both :)

Good luck!

Team BongaCams